Forensic engineering

A department specialized in claims of special complexity and large technical component, which are managed by a specialized team in each of the areas.


Energy Division

Losses related to energy, in all its exponents..

  • Classic generation: Power & Oil / Gas.
  • Renewable energies: Specialists in photovoltaic, mini-hydro, cogeneration and wind energy.
  • Distribution: Experience in transformation centers, control lines and electrical accidents.
  • Electrical equipment: Analysis of internal pathologies and caused by alteration of supply.
  • Efficiency: Advice on risk control in electricity production and derivatives of alterations in electricity consumption.
  • CControl of risks derived from power cuts in production processes and machinery.

Steel and metallurgy division

Fopertek has a team of multidisciplinary engineers in the combined steel industry from Industrial Engineers to Chemical Engineers and Materials, with extensive experience in this industrial sector.

Division of industrial facilities

Division in charge of claims and expert technical studies of machinery in industrial facilities.

  • We treat those cases of direct guarantee (water damage, electrical, etc.) as well as machinery and professional RC.
  • The high specialization of the Fopertek technicians, and the advanced knowledge of the industrial sector, supply chain, repairers and alternative manufacturers, make it possible to reduce the repair costs and obtain specific circumstances on the real cause of the accident.
  • Multidisciplinary work groups when the accident has several technical aspects and even PB.

Division of public works machinery

Division in charge of claims produced with public works machinery.

Studies on accidents and own failures in machinery.

Construction Division

Independent division to mass sinister of insurances and home losses.

  • We treat those cases of 10-year guarantee policies, professional RC construction, all construction risk and construction pathologies.
  • Architects and technical architects specialized in structures (concrete, steel and wood), calculation and pathologies of construction.
  • More than 20 graduates.
  • Realization of surveys with slip tests, for evaluation of rc / fallen claims.

Telecommunications and computer division

Division in charge of the appraisal of incidents in telecommunications and cyber-risks installations. We have a specialist team of electronic engineers, telecommunications and IT.

Damage claims related to breakdowns in external and internal telecommunications plants. Data networks, wireless telecommunication infrastructure (operators, data, industrial).

Applications for the evaluation of Cyber Risks:
  • Fraudulent use
  • Leak or manipulation of information
  • Industrial Espionage / Information Theft
  • System failures

Automotive division

Independent division to mass insurance sinisters and mechanical breakdowns.

Those cases of professional CR and claims with direct guarantee are treated in which there is a large technical component, in parallel with manufacturers and related sectors

Great knowledge of the precise auxiliary sector to be able to carry out parallel studies:
  • Fuel and oil analysis.
  • Structural analysis
  • Chemical analyzes of various kinds..
Possibility of leading advanced studies, forming multidisciplinary teams