Department of Property

Department responsible for various risk assessments, composed of more than 130 experts with different degrees. We adapt the experts to each type of accident.


Multi-risk losses

We carry out multi-risk home, business and community losses among many others.

Fire accidents

Fire and explosion incidents, with its own investigation personnel.

Electrical damage

Evaluation of electrical damage with own analysis methods

Loss of theft

Specialists in the analysis of claims of theft. Own methodologies of investigation of the circumstances and causes. High rates of fraud detection and simulated claims.

Goods transport expertise

Merchandise transport expertise, control of load / unload and commissary of faults.

Claims with loss of benefits

Claims appraisal with loss of profits with specialists with accounting training.

Claims of civil responsibility

Permission of claims of Civil Liability. Guarantee of intervention of qualified specialists in the field in which the insured activity is carried out.

Perception of legal protection

Study of claim, expert opinion and judicial report for claim to third party. The technical platform can guarantee the constant monitoring of the cause and control of the repair of the duty to do.


Development of risk inspection reports and valuation of assets